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An Installation of Google SEO Power, consider as consent of GSP

TF – Trust Flow - Number of links from Trusted sites to a given Domain.
CF – Citation Flow - Number citations to a given domain.
DA – Domain Authority - Ranking score by Moz that predicts rank on search engine pages
Mozlinks – Backlinks discovered by MOZ, are created when one website links to another.
Freshlinks – Backlinks discovered last 30 days by Semrush and Ahref.
GSP – Calculation of all factors into a single parameter normalized from 1-100%.

Google SEO Ranking tool enables website owners to examine their website SEO momentum. Utilizing the power of Top 5 industry tools, thousands of parameters are normalized into a single GSP Ranking.

Low GSP = Your website is expected to lose ranking on Google.
Medium GSP = Your website is stable on Google.
High GSP = Your website is expected to Gain new ranking on Google search.

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